Analysis of own Facebook profile


You are a third year student on the cusp of graduating. You have been using the Internet socially since you were a teenager via chatrooms, gaming and more recently Facebook. You have already secured first interviews for graduate training schemes with two large corporations (A & B), but are still waiting to hear from the one you are most interested in (C).

A friend tells you they have heard this company routinefbly screens
potential and existing employees on the Web, but the two firms you have interviews with both have a policy to not screen them. In this worksheet, if you do not have a profile yourself, imagine you have one.

  • What might your existing Facebook profile say about you if firm C looks at it?

Judging from my Fb page seems like sometimes I behave as a child.
but also they would see that I am involved in any kind of extracurricular activities

  • Are there any things that can be seen on your wall, or in notes you have posted which might help encourage firm C to employ you?

Place of education: AUCA
some of my Professional Photos from Ballet performance
field of interests: photography, dance, art, education
share of news: Paris; ISIS; Kyrgyz ParliamentaryElection

  • Conversely, is there anything on your profile that might put an employer off?

Yes, Personal Photos; student life events; funny student videos

  • If you were in the position of shortlisting people for interview and your company had a policy of checking candidates’ DIs, how would you interpret it if it was obvious someone had just ‘cleaned up’ their profile?

If I knew about screening policy, I would have done the same.
Still it is some kind of cheating but we (human beings) do everything what is possible in order to get what we want. It is life and you need to struggle if you want to win.

  • How would you feel if the company you wanted to work for banned use of social networking sites such as Facebook during work hours?

Okay. It supposed that during work hours you should work rather than scroll Fb.
But as I am future journalist, I need Facebook in order to get quick access to news and world updates

  • How, on the other hand, would you feel if the company you worked for decided its staff had to use a social networking site, and to build customer relationships through it?

It is better idea. This works more to unite employees. You can reach everyone if he/she is not in the office, or create a chat conference and discuss everything there in order not to lose time for meeting in the office.
Especially, it helps in building customer relationships. Now companies, organizations, communities have virtual office on Fb.
If customers are interested in your goods and services, they want to get updates and interesting offers.
But it is you (company) who need to build client base and social media is great helper.


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