Final Project for DL and “Dolphin” pool

The subject of my final project for Digital Literacy class got to life due to some reasons:

I wanted to combine several assignments for some courses in order to belittle my work overload.

I am writing an article about state swimming pool “Dolphin”.

It was November of 1957 when the first winter indoor swimming pool in Central Asia, a 25 meters long winter swimming pool with five tracks and 20 meters long small pool was put into the operation. Opening of the “Dolphin” caused the development of the swimming sports in the country. Sportsmen of Kyrgyz Socialistic Soviet Republic got an opportunity to train throughout the year, thereby they were ahead of their rivals from other Central Asian countries who did not have such possibilities at the time. 
Today it stands in such a terrible condition that it probably will never function again. As a result of poor time management of the repairs works from 2012 to 2014 the pool was under the pressure of all natural phenomena such as  wind, snow and rain, without the roof. 
I wanted to do some visual material support in order to emphasize the problem of frozen reconstruction of the building.

When I accidentally came across with one video clip under the similar background, I really like the style of it and an idea came to my mind to shoot a video clip about that swimming pool. I though, why not?  I only needed song and singer of course. I googled songs about swimming pools but all of them were so happy, and if I am filming drama story, I need calm motive, and I found. Situation with a singer was a bit more complicated, as it is finals week everyone is being busy with his/her stuff. Eventually, мy workmate on article, Aliya, became the main actress and singer without choice. #FriendCannotSayNO

I hope that at the end, everything would looks fine.

Two days before the deadline… I make changes at last minute as usual.
Aliya offered another song, because we have short time, and she has not practiced that one about pool. The new song is about Maidan in Ukraine in Ukrainian, nevertheless it is about war, it fits my idea about apocalypses in state swimming pool “Dolphin”.

We tried to record the song via little recorder, then via internal computer microphone, in the end  all attempts were failed and we went to audio room.

I need all of work to be done by these two nights.

Unfortunately, one is almost finished, I have to sleep to stay alive 🙂


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