YT Global Forum, BCN. SILC grant

12193402_1925401267685014_3840356291099267675_n-2Participation in Youth Time Global Forum was very unexpected for me – spontaneous, it is better to say. I saw an announcement about that on Facebook feed, a friend of mine just liked it, but I thought that “like” is not enough – why not to try. I applied on the day of deadline, and got an acceptance letter, [What they exactly said: We consider your outstanding profile, as well as the social role that you (aim to) take upon yourself to be of value to our event as well as to the community that you (intend to) serve. Nice, is not it?]
and for another day, I should whether confirm concernment or refuse and forget forever. Of course, I agreed without any cogitation, and only when I faced financial issues of implementing dream plan into actions, I was suggested to apply for the SILC contribution.
Youth Time Global Forum was held from 28 to 31st of October in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was a complex of workshops, conferences and project presentations.

Agenda for 2015 year of the annual forum was Education and Employment. Topics for discussions were very actual not only for Spain or Europe but for the world. Since there are no jobs anywhere, if you get a job – congratulations, but what if you do not have a job? – create it, be entrepreneur and #YTGlobal was a real chance to get the project funded.
That forum offer was a unique platform where young people from all over the world could discuss and solve social issues in their daily lives. Acknowledged professionals and specialists shared their experiences and knowledge and thereby inspired me to set up some dream and goals toward which I am moving now.

Everything, that was told, was recorded, with the hope that some would give his attention to it. Talks on Education and Employment. I highly recommend to look at Jonathan Fritzler, from 25 min to 40 min, with speech “Hack your education” and also listen to Josep Bertran, 55 min – 1h 16min, with a speech about “Identity”. (Gorkem Atsungur, I think you will find it interesting.) By no means, I want to belittle the importance of other speakers, everyone put great efforts to make this forum excellent and unforgettable, but these two gentlemen made my day and the rest of my life. Overview of Top Ideas from the YTGlobal

I was lucky one. I got the grant – “my ticket to dream”, in October of 2015. I do not think it was difficult, there was no big concurrence in the first month of study, but committee could simply not have planned meetings. I was applying in mid-September; and the one thing that could happen and happened – technical problems. There are always some organizational moments in the begging of the year, especially if it is new campus, new systems and etc.

SILC – it is something, you always know, but never use. Every year I see articles in the New Star and on AUCA website, but I think many just skip this information. Usually, opportunities do not appear with a welcoming boom, they are trying to pass you insensibly, and it is important to be able to catch this opportunity. But grants from SILC shout: “Hey, we are here, use us!” and do not take advantage of it is just foolishly. Advice from me: study hard – GPA counts, apply as early as you can (forbidden for freshmen, unfortunately), but do not forget – only once within the academic year! I wish it could be more because later I was also nominated to be an exchange student. Did I know when starting the third year in New Campus that I am going to the lovely city – Barcelona, and then to Poland for a semester? Of course, no, but I dreamed and hoped.
Many Thanks to Student Intellectual Life Committee and the generous support of caring donors over the years without which desire for bigger knowledge and student development would not be possible.

P.S Realize how little we know and how much there is to be learned.
P.P.S Read Youth Time Magazine (
P.P.S… Follow Youth Time Movement (
YT Summer School China 2016 is coming!


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